Flowers and fashion

You might remember in a flash, the TV programme ‘De bloemenstal’, which aired last summer.
In the programme TV personalities Winston Gerstanowitzch and Nicolette van Dam waited around flowerstands, to try and discover stories behind the flowers people bought.
The show wasn’t quite the succes and when summer ended the show did as well.

But now the show has been renewed, called ‘Een zaak van bloemen’ with Nicolette van Dam and a replacement for Winston: Quinty Trustfull. Busy working in the shop and delivering flowers the lady’s do manage to stay fashionable, looking casual but smart.

In the first episode of the show Nicolette is wearing D N A’s SADE in Black, with paddings that make the jacket very sturdy but with the combination of the soft nappa leather is chique as well.

Our thoughts about Nicolette: flowerist in spe with a great feel for fashion!


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